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Overhead value analysis

In this article, we will cover Overhead Value Analysis, or OVA for short. By the end of this piece understanding Overhead Value Analysis will hopefully help readers leverage it. OVA is a powerful tool for businesses that are interested in making their operations leaner and more cost-effective. We will cover the essential components of this data-driven methodology, explain how it can be a game changer for any business, and why it is especially valuable for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Valenta has a wealth of experience in this area, and we are offering readers a complimentary Overhead Value Analysis. To learn more about this offer and OVA please read on.

What is Overhead Value Analysis or OVA

Overhead Value Analysis (OVA) is a systematic approach that focuses on evaluating and managing indirect costs in a business. This process begins by identifying all overhead costs, such as administrative expenses, utilities, and rent. OVA determines how to allocate these costs across products, services, or departments, aiding in informed decision-making. It also highlights cost drivers, which are factors like labor hours or machine usage that significantly influence overhead expenses. This analysis includes benchmarking, where a company’s overhead rates are compared to industry standards or competitors. This evaluation assesses the efficiency of overhead processes and their financial impact on profitability and product pricing. OVA facilitates resource optimization and strategy development for better overhead management. It establishes key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing control and encourages a culture of continuous improvement in managing overhead expenses.

Why is Overhead Value Analysis or OVA Important

Performing an Overhead Value Analysis (OVA) is vital for several reasons. First, it enables cost control by identifying areas where overhead can be minimized. This leads to competitive pricing, as reduced overhead costs can be passed on to the customer. The focus on optimizing indirect operations allows businesses to concentrate more on their core activities. It aids in resource prioritization, ensuring that areas of higher value receive the necessary resources. By cutting down inefficiencies, OVA helps improve return on investment (ROI) and cash flow. It also provides insights into scalability, enabling companies to grow without proportionally increasing overhead costs. Risk mitigation is another benefit, as OVA uncovers hidden financial risks related to overhead. Transparency in financial reporting is increased, building stakeholder confidence. The OVA process adds an element of agility, allowing a faster response to market changes. Finally and most importantly, by promoting financial stability and efficiency, OVA supports long-term business sustainability.

Overhead Value Analysis and SMEs

While an Overhead Value Analysis (OVA) is beneficial for all businesses, it holds particular significance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs often operate with tighter budgets and smaller profit margins, making cost control essential. By identifying and reducing unnecessary overhead costs, SMEs can free up resources to invest in growth and innovation. The ability to operate more efficiently and prioritize resources effectively gives SMEs a competitive edge in crowded markets.  Because of all of this, OVA can be a critical tool for SMEs aiming to improve competitiveness, efficiency, and profitability.

Valenta OVA Services

Valenta provides Overhead Value Analysis (OVA) services to help businesses streamline operations and focus on what truly matters for their bottom line. Our local Managing Partners possess deep industry knowledge across various sectors. When conducting OVAs our partners are complemented by our offshore Process Consultants who have worked at tier 1 consulting firms. In our OVA, we collect data on activities and tasks performed by your staff and use a matrix to assess their importance. Based on this analysis, we recommend eliminating tasks that have low strategic importance and low contribution to operational performance. Conversely, tasks with high strategic importance and a high contribution to operational performance will be recommended to be retained. Our focus is on enhancing efficiency and forming strategic alliances for tasks that are important but underperforming. For tasks that contribute to operations but have low strategic importance, outsourcing is often recommended. In cases where these tasks are rules-based, repetitive, and high volume, automation and RPA is advised … otherwise, outsourced staff or managed services may be more appropriate. The bottom line for any of our OVAs is that clients get  actionable insights for operational efficiency.

Get a Complimentary Overhead Value Analysis

We believe strongly in the value of OVA. Understanding Overhead Value Analysis is important for SMEs and hopefully this article has helped readers see its potential. If you reach out to Valenta and mention this article, we will extend a complimentary Overhead Value Analysis (OVA) valued at $5,000. This no-cost service aims to provide you with actionable recommendations for optimizing your overhead activities. Our chief objective is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by getting them access to the same high-quality consulting services large enterprises have. Through this free OVA, we strive to help SMEs improve their overhead management while showcasing the expertise that Valenta can contribute to their business operations.

About Valenta

Valenta specializes in business consulting, digital transformation, staff augmentation, and business software integration, with an emphasis on serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We offer the same services typically provided by large consulting firms to Fortune 1,000 companies. Our team consists of local managing partners, local subject matter experts, as well as nearshore and offshore personnel who are dedicated to serving our SME clientele.

To secure a complimentary Overhead Value Analysis (OVA), please get in touch with one of our local Managing Partners by clicking the highlighted link and referencing this article.


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