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Business Success

At Valenta, we believe in offering the highest quality of service for businesses and providing the ultimate competitive advantage.

Engage a world-class team of specialists backed by smart technologies to take your business to new heights.


  • Boost revenue streams with our consulting service. Our team of specialists will identify opportunities, and optimize your processes.

Digital Transformation

  • Deploy digital transformation across your enterprise to improve the customer journey, enhance employee morale, improve operational efficiencies, and so much more.

Staff Augmentation

  • With a 60% reduction on staffing costs, and staff that are a true extension of your team; you can focus on revenue generating activities, that count!


  • Invest in your greatest resources - your team. With a variety of master classes and courses available, leverage the knowledge of our industry specialists to develop the skill-set of your team.

The Insider

  • Find out how to boost your business efficiencies with The Insider where we reveal our top insights into industry trends and new technologies. Speaking with a myriad of guest speakers, we deep dive into a series of topics that will provide you with valuable information that will transform how you think.
RPA Becomes a Driver Toward a Positive Future for Redlands School

Hosted by : Richard Nohe Managing Director USA, Valenta and
John Waterworth Managing Director Australia, Valenta
Guest : Brad Weatherstone Chief Financial Officer, Redlands School

PR vs Marketing: How to leverage both to benefit your business

Hosted by Cassie Lincoln, Managing Partner at Valenta and,
Valerie Chhokar, Head of Marketing Valenta &
Guest Speaker : Ron Watt, Jr., Founder, Watt+Company LLC

What do our clients say about us?

  • What I was really impressed with, was that not only do you get that dedicated resource, you also have a manager that reviews all of their work, and all included in the price. Overall I’ve been really happy with the process and it’s helping me live my dream, which is to work from home and not have any staff in the office.

    Tim Charles
    Charles Accountancy
  • Outsourcing makes the business more efficient. We also deliver greater service to our existing client base.

    Steve King
    CFL Financial
  • Valenta has been great, because it allows us to expand and contract our operations, depending on the time of the year, very effortlessly and inexpensively. It’s allowed us to make decisions that we know we can scale quickly on because we know that Jayesh and the Valenta team will be there for us.

    John Pollock
    Financial Gravity
  • We just love working with Valenta and the people they have working with us. We work with Fatan in Malaysia. She’s absolutely fantastic; she shows initiative and she knows what she’s doing. We’ve really enjoyed the Valenta experience. We have a great relationship with our team. We appreciate the flexible hours; the fact we can be doing something else and they are in the background getting our work-ready is great.

    Bert Dugdale
    RI Advice Alderley
  • Since engaging Valenta, we’ve been able to take on a much higher work load. We’ve been able to bring someone into the team for a lower cost, but without compromising on that quality of work. Outsourcing has been a great solution compared to hiring somebody locally. It’s a lot more cost effective and it’s easy to do.

    Natalie Gillies and Clare Harding
    Arthur J Gallagher

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    Increasingly there are new ways that humans and machines can collaborate. We have provided some POC demo videos of our work with Conversational AI. In this article we want to share an overview and a video of a recent POC we completed with digital people in a healthcare provider scenario. Digital people and virtual agents...
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    SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS

    As a business consulting, software integration and managed service provider company we get frequent questions about SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS. We thought we would take this opportunity to explain the differences between SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS. Over the course of this blog, we will level set our readers, and particularly our SMB clients,...
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    Benefits of Nearshoring

    There are many benefits to nearshoring, and we will discuss some of them in this blog. Nearshoring tends to come up more in supply chain discussions but is also relevant for outsourcing and Staff Augmentation. We will highlight what is nearshoring, what are some of the advantages for staff augmentation and provide some examples. Before...
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    Robotic Process Automation in Medical Billing – Proof of Concept

    We recently release a Bot Proof of Concept for medical offices. The bot POC automation we completed used common software tools portals including Med Office Systems, Simple Practice and Claim MD. These tools are like countless others used by medical offices in the US and around the world. You can find our Robotic Process Automation...
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  • Benefits of Virtual Zoho administrators

    5 Benefits of a Virtual Zoho Administrator

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