Shaik Khalandhar
Overhead value analysis

Understanding Overhead Value Analysis

In this article, we will cover Overhead Value Analysis, or OVA for short. By the end of this piece understanding Overhead Value Analysis will hopefully help readers leverage it. OVA is a powerful tool for...
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Business Operations Analysis

Why Your Business Can Benefit From an Operational Analysis

In this article Valenta provides an exploration of Operational Analysis, a crucial tool for businesses seeking to optimize efficiency and profitability. We will cover fundamental aspects of this data-driven approach. We will also elaborate on...
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Procurement Services

How Procurement as a Service Improves Spend Assessment and Spend Management

Procurement as a Service (PaaS) is an increasingly popular procurement outsourcing service model. This is because a procurement service company can help businesses to streamline their procurement process by outsourcing key functions to procurement specialists....
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What is Test Automation

What is Test Automation?

We hear the question of “what is test automation” frequently. Looking at the work of test automation, the importance of it, and the services offered around it go a long way towards getting a good...
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Examples of Conversational AI

Examples of Conversational AI in Action

In this article, we will examine what is conversational ai, conversational ai technology, plus conversational ai platforms, solutions, and services. We also will provide examples of Conversational AI in action. What is Conversational AI? We...
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Understanding Conversational AI

Understanding Conversational AI, What It Is and How It Works

Conversational AI is seeing rapid year over year increases in deployment. Many businesses want to deploy a Conversational AI platform, but they do not know where to begin. Understanding how Conversational AI works and how...
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Navigating the staff augmentation market

Navigating the Staff Augmentation Market

Evolution and Benefits of Staff Augmentation and Key Differences with Outsourcing In this article we will cover staff augmentation services, staff augmentation benefits and some of the main differences between outsourcing and staff augmentation. Evolution...
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Staff Augmentation Services considerations

10 Considerations for Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation can be a powerful strategy for adding skilled talent to your existing team. Staff augmentation benefits provide the ability to tap into a global labor pool, bring on workers cost effectively, and do...
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how educational institutes can use RPA

How Educational Institutions Can Use RPA?

Educational institutions, like many other types of businesses, are starting to leverage digital transformation to address business challenges and obstacles. RPA especially is a form of digital transformation that can help benefit educational institutions. Educational...
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IDP Services

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent Document Processing or IDP is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the processing of documents. The processing of documents includes extracting relevant information as well as placing that data in the appropriate...
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