Benefits of a Salesforce Administrator

5 Benefits Of A Virtual Salesforce Administrator

Managing a CRM implementation is an important role. It is also one that requires specific skill and knowledge. Increasingly the SMB clients that Valenta serve wish to bring on virtual staff as CRM platform administrators....
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Using intelligent automation to enhance ERP-enabled business processes

Using Intelligent Automation To Enhance ERP-Enabled Business Processes

In our rapidly-digitizing world, businesses need a modern ERP system that can keep them up to date and help them efficiently manage their important business functions. In many cases, legacy models just aren’t cutting it...
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difference between crm and erp

What Are The Differences Between CRM and ERP?

CRM and ERP software can greatly benefit all businesses large and small.  Sometimes when thinking about them there is confusion about what each does. In this blog we will point out the relationship between CRM...
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How Does Valenta Work With UiPath?

UiPath is a leading vendor partner of Valenta. When it comes to digital transformation, we have a lot of experience working with many clients across the world. We have supplied a variety of different technologies...
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what is an erp

What is ERP? 

ERP is a big topic.  ERP is also essential to today’s Information Economy businesses.  ERP sits on top of CRM and other business software and touches every aspect of a business.  In this blog we...
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