How can Banking and Financial Institutions

How Can Banking and Financial Institutions Benefit from Process Consulting

Banking and Financial Institutions are no different from other companies in that they can benefit greatly from Process Consulting. Most businesses are a series of functions and workflows, and this is very much the case...
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How can manufacturing companies can leverage process consulting

How Can Manufacturing Companies Leverage Process Consulting

Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for ways to stay competitive and be efficient. Manufacturing benefits of process consulting can be dramatic. Large multinational companies in this area have been contacting the big consulting firms to...
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How can Legal Practices Leverage Process Consulting

How can Legal Practices Leverage Process Consulting

Law offices and practices perform a valuable role for their clients. Practices are also a business, and a business must be healthy if it wants to continue to add value for clients. The process improvement...
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How can Insurance companies benefit from Process consulting

How Can Insurance Companies Benefit from Process Consulting

Insurance Companies and Process Consulting There are many benefits of process consulting. Insurance companies are no different than other businesses in their ability to derive value from process consulting services. Increasingly firms are looking to...
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How can Real Estate & Property Companies benefit from process consulting

How Can Real Estate Companies Benefit from Process Consulting

Like many other companies, Real Estate and Property Management companies can benefit greatly from process consulting. All businesses need to operate as efficiently as possible, and a real estate process consultant can add value. Real...
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3 Pillars of Digital Marketing – The Insider Series

We wanted to publish an article on a webinar and podcast released a few months back as part of our Valenta Insider Series. The episode highlights the three pillars of digital marketing. Digital marketing is...
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Warehouse Transformation to Keep Up with the Explosion in E-commerce

On Demand Webinar & Podcast The Insider – Warehouse Transformation to Keep Up with the Explosion in E-commerce We recently released a webinar and podcast as part of our Valenta Insider Series focused on warehouse...
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outsourced Financial Crime Analysts help your business

How Can Outsourcing Financial Crime Analysists Benefit Financial Institutions

To address financial crime staff requirements large financial institutions, hire their own employees or bring on board expensive contractors. Mid-sized financial institutions to date have not had much access to financial crime analysis. At Valenta...
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How does the Fortune 1000 benefit from consulting and outsourcing

How Does The Fortune 1000 Benefit From Consulting And Outsourcing?

The Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 have long benefited from big consulting and outsourcing firms. At Valenta our mission is to provide the same types of services to mid-sized and small business. We aim to...
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How long will it take bots to deploy in accounting services

How Long Does It Take Bots to Deploy in Accounting Services?

It can take as little as 2 weeks for bots to deploy in accounting services. We highlight how easy bots can be deployed on our microsite Bots for Accountants. On that site we also discuss...
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