How can Accounting Practices Leverage Process Consulting

How Can Accounting Practices Leverage Process Consulting

We spend a lot of time with Accountants and have many clients in this space. We provide them with offshore virtual staff and software bots to perform routine, mundane, and rules based tasks. Increasingly our...
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Benefits of Digital Transformation in Accounting

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Accounting Practices

Digital Transformation in accounting is evolving rapidly. The large Big Four firms embraced these technologies early on and have been leaders in the adoption of digital transformation innovation. Midsized and smaller accounting practices are now...
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When Should A Business Outsource An Accountant Or Bookkeeper?

There are many situations when a business will want to engage accountant staff augmentation and bookkeeper staff augmentation.  Outsourced accountant services and outsourced bookkeeper services can help many businesses and accounting firms do more, do...
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Robotic Process Automation for Account Reconciliation in Xero

Proof of Concept – Robotic Process Automation for Account Reconciliation in Xero

We recently released a bot proof of concept for Xero, a leading software tool for bookkeeping and accounting. Although QuickBooks is the undisputed leader for accounting software, Xero is in second place for global share...
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How long will it take bots to deploy in accounting services

How Long Does It Take Bots to Deploy in Accounting Services?

It can take as little as 2 weeks for bots to deploy in accounting services. We highlight how easy bots can be deployed on our microsite Bots for Accountants. On that site we also discuss...
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Outsourcing an Accountant for a Small Business

Outsourcing an Accountant For a Small Business

Hiring an accountant for a small business can sometimes be challenging. We would add fulltime bookkeepers to that statement as well. Persons skilled in accounting and bookkeeping tend to want to work in larger companies....
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How to Build an Accounting Bot in 5 Easy Steps

How to Build an Accounting Bot in 5 Easy Steps

There is a good percentage of the population that do not understand Bots. They are confused by robots or poorly executed chat bots on a website. A bot is simply a piece of software that...
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bots vs bookkeeping

Bots vs Human Bookkeeper

This writer was tasked with the job of writing a blog entitled Bots vs Human Bookkeeper. It is the position of Valenta that the only versus to be discussed regarding this blog title is; which...
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outsourced accountants bookkeepers

How Outsourced Accountants And Bookkeepers Help CPA Practices?

At Valenta we work with many accounting companies. Some of our best customers are CPA practices. In addition to consulting, and digital transformation, another service that we provide is virtual staff. Over the years, we...
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Xero | Valenta BPO US

Benefits of using Xero Accounting Software

Xero is the most exciting and simple accounting software that is designed in conjunction with thousands of small and medium-sized business owners to determine what they need and expect in a modern accounting system.
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