Health Care

How Automation is Key to the Future of Healthcare Operations – The Insider

We wanted to publish an article on a webinar and podcast released as part of our Valenta Insider Series. The episode highlights how automation and staff augmentation are the future to healthcare operations. The COVID-19...
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Conversational AI Empowered Chat Bots for Healthcare Proof of Concept

Conversational AI Empowered Bots For Home Healthcare – Proof of Concept

The home healthcare market size is expected to surpass US$ 662.67 billion by 2027. The market size was $264.87 billion in 2020. This is explosive growth and projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 14.2%...
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digital worker

Digital Person for Healthcare Providers – Proof of Concept

Increasingly there are new ways that humans and machines can collaborate. We have provided some POC demo videos of our work with Conversational AI. In this article we want to share an overview and a...
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RPA in Medical Billing

Robotic Process Automation in Medical Billing – Proof of Concept

We recently release a Bot Proof of Concept for medical offices. The bot POC automation we completed used common software tools portals including Med Office Systems, Simple Practice and Claim MD. These tools are like...
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