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Python Developer

Python Developers are essential to today’s Information Economy companies. Frequently Python Developers work in roles with job titles not mentioning Python and the importance of their skills with Python can go unnoticed.

It is our opinion that companies who do significant business online, that customize their own web based tools, that automate, or use data science in their business, cannot operate without Python developers, … either on staff or outsourced.

An outsourced Python developer can make a lot of sense for a midsized company. Python developer staff augmentation is not just for the Fortune 1000. Every company can optimize their business through web based apps and better data analysis. In this article we will highlight the role of Python developers, how a Python developer can help a business, plus how to outsource a Python developer.

Role of a Python Developer

First, let’s answer the question of what is Python? Python is an interpreted high level interactive and object oriented scripting software language. Python is used for web applications, data analysis, connecting applications, and for the flow of information between users and applications.

In addition to anything related to the web it is also particularly important for AI and machine learning. One of the primary roles of Python Developers is to write back end code for web sites when working as a web developer and for apps when working as an application developer. Python Developers often have different job titles. Some work as Web Developers, App Developers, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, and finally Software Engineers.

A Python web developer will write server side code, work on web frameworks like Django and Flask, and they will develop server side software platforms. When in a Data Analyst role, a Python developer will work with Python libraries like Matplotlib, NumPy and Panda. They will collect data using the scripting language, conduct data analysis, exploration of datasets, and present findings to stakeholders.

When Python developers are involved in business automation, they will work with tools like PyUnit and Pytest when they do this. When working in this automation engineer role they will design automation frameworks, code them, and conduct A/B testing. When acting as a machine learning engineer a Python developer will perform statistical analysis of data, put ML models into production, implement ML tools, and perform ML tests.

Finally, Python developers find themselves on a variety of software engineer and design teams based on the widespread use of Python in so many business and web applications.

How a Python Developer can help a Business

There are many ways a Python developer can help a business. A Python developer can be involved in any website or web tool related project. Python is a language that can be used for both front and back end applications … making it extremely valuable. Python developers can also be invaluable when it comes to data analysis. They can be a great asset to a company that wants to mine its data for important customer information, trends, opportunities, and threats.

Python Developers are in high demand and the salaries for them are competitive. According to Glassdoor the average salary of a Python Developer in London England is 70K pound per year. In Boston MA, the average pay for a Python Developer is 115K USD per year and in Phoenix AZ it is 110K USD per year. These salary ranges are helpful for planning purposes.

Companies need to add taxes, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and infrastructure and office costs to these salaries to get the total cost for these roles. Outsourced Python developers can frequently be contracted for 30-40% of the total cost of on shore staff. These cost savings and the flexibility that comes with them often are the difference for SMB clients like the ones we serve at Valenta to be able to leverage web, cloud, and data science tools.

How to Outsource Python Developers

The answer to the question of how to outsource Python developers is simple. Companies just need to contact Valenta or other companies offering staff augmentation like us. When assessing companies like ours it is important to think about where the staff is located, where they have been educated plus the power and broadband infrastructure where a service center is located.

It is also important to consider what level of local support and account management is available. We are very proud to provide outsourced Python developers for midsized companies. SMBs are our sole focus, and this role is one they do not always get access to. As we stated at the start of our article, Python developer staff augmentation is not just for the Fortune 1000 … all businesses can optimize with web and cloud based apps and better data analysis.

Want to Learn More?

Please feel free to reach out to Valenta at any time to discuss how to outsource Python developers. At Valenta we provide a variety of outsourced roles and offer considerable staff augmentation services. We provide traditional back office roles in accounting, finance, administration, digital marketing and more.

We also provide outsourced IT support and software administrators. Another important part of our staff augmentation services includes software development. In addition to Python developer staff augmentation, we provide Applications Architects, Cloud Engineers, Cyber Security Engineers, Data Security Specialists, Database Administrators, Full Stack Developers, and more.

Valenta operates service centers in India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Trinidad and Tobago. We have new planned service centers in Latin America and Eastern Europe over the next 12-18 months. Our local Managing Partners work with our Regional Service Heads and Team Leaders at our Service Centers to identify and manage the best staff to meet our clients’ requirements. To contact us about Python developer staff augmentation or any other topic please reach out to us.

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