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Virtual Assistants and Admins

Virtual Assistants and Admins can help every business and are the unsung heroes of virtual staffing. The term Virtual Assistant or Admin does not capture all the diverse ways this role can help a business. At Valenta the Virtual Assistants and Admins we provide fill many roles in a variety of different departments and industries. They can be trained for any office job that is required by a business. Valenta Virtual Assistants and Admins become an important part of the staff of our clients and assume specific duties required in their business’s.

Our approach when adding Virtual Assistants and Admins staff augmentation is to map out all the processes and work within a department that needs support. Once this is done, we work with our clients to clearly define who is doing each step in the process and workflow. Then we make sure that the right people are doing the right roles. It is also important to identify any work that is not getting done that should be. Understanding the roles our Virtual Assistants and Admins need to fill upfront, and clearly defining job descriptions, allow us to meet client requirements from the start of every engagement. Our goal is to keep the highest value and highest skilled persons on your team at their most productive and to offload all the work that does not need to be performed by business owners, executives, and highly compensated staff.

Why Choose Valenta?


Local Presence

Valenta has Managing Partners located in cities and Countries across Africa. Our Managing Partners add a local presence that most outsourcing and staff augmentation providers do not offer. Valenta Managing Partners stay engaged with our clients and remain an ongoing resource and a key part of the account team for clients.

flexible-engagements, WORKFORCE EMPOWERMENT

Flexible Engagements

Valenta offers flexible month to month agreement to all customers in Africa. We charge an onboard fee and then bill monthly with no lock in contracts. Our flexible plans allow our customers to ramp up fast and also scale down quickly as required. Simply stated, we take the hassle out of staff augmentation.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

Unlike many outsourcing and staff augmentation service providers Valenta provides dedicated resources. Our clients work with a dedicated Valenta employee and not an anonymous team of workers. Valenta resources get to know our US clients’ processes. They interact with our customers like any other virtual employee.


Staff Augmentation Team

We bring a team to every staff augmentation engagement. In addition to local Managing Partners, every resource is managed by a Valenta Team Leader supervising several other team members in similar roles. Our Team Leaders report to Regional Services Heads who also manage recruitment. Bottom line: Valenta frees up our customers time and takes HR headaches away.


Global Labor Pool

It is increasingly hard to find staff to fill roles in Africa. Often, even if a role can be filled, it exceeds the budget for a given role. By leveraging Valenta staff augmentation our clients can tap into labor pools in countries across the world. These include Columbia, Trinidad, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Soon we also will add services in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.


Process and Transparency

The Valenta Way is part of everything we do. We have tried and tested documented processes for delivering high-quality staff augmentation for customers in Africa. Because we follow the same methods and process every time, all that we do is transparent and easily shared with clients.


Comprehensive Services

Valenta can help clients with staff augmentation across the board. Every function of a business whether it is Accounting, Finance, IT, Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing or Support has roles that can potentially be outsourced. Valenta has staff to serve all these departments and business processes. We fill traditional roles and new information economy positions.

Compliance and Security, INTEGRATOR

Compliance and Security

Valenta is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. We take compliance and security seriously. We operate service centers in the countries we operate in. Valenta has both physical and non-physical controls to ensure our company and client data is not compromised.

Virtual Assistants and Admins can help the following departments :

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Information Technologies

Virtual Assistants and Admins fill the following roles :

  • Clerical work
  • Back office work
  • Agreement & contract processing
  • Collections calls
  • Customer outreach
  • First level support calls
  • Market research
  • Onboarding staff administration
  • Offboarding staff administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Executive assistance
  • Calendar management
  • Travel arrangements
  • Expense processing
  • Data and report collection
  • Meeting note taking
  • Client information gathering
  • CRM data entry
  • ERP data entry
  • Appointment setting
  • Routine correspondence

Virtual Assistants and Admins can help these businesses :


Insurance companies


Real Estate Investment firms

Property Management


Healthcare providers

Accounting practices


Law Practitioners


Financial Planners




Supply & Logistics



Telecommunication providers


Utility providers




Consumer Goods




Oil & Gas

Everything we do at Valenta is about helping companies focus on and have time for what they do best and their core mission.  We do this through process consulting, digital transformation, and the automation of tasks. We also do this by providing staff augmentation.  Valenta is focused exclusively on SMB clients, typically enterprise customers with 10-1,000 employees.

When it comes to staff augmentation and providing Valenta Virtual Assistants and Admins our goals are as follows:

  • Help our clients focus on their customer and clients
  • Help businesses acquire needed skills that may be difficult to find
  • Help businesses reduce staffing expenses
  • Complement and work hand in glove with existing staff
  • Increase your business’s revenue and profitability
  • Increase your business’s productivity and efficiency
  • Offer our clients flexible engagements and commercial terms

Please reach out to us to discuss your staffing requirements. We look forward to serving you and helping your business.

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