Why Should a Business Outsource a Virtual Assistant

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Why Should Business Outsource a Virtual Assistant

There are many reasons for a business to outsource a virtual assistant. Outsourcing VA roles does not need to be exclusively dedicated to classical admin or executive assistant roles. We find this is where some businesses get stuck on the process to outsource VA services. Many of the virtual assistants we place are not filling admin roles, instead they are performing a variety of administrative tasks with the companies we place them at. We always ask our clients to tell us about their workflows and processes to let us know where they are getting bogged down. We also always try to learn where work can be outsourced so that higher value or client facing activities can be maximized for current in person staff.

In this article we will cover how an outsourced virtual assistant can help, how to outsource a virtual assistant, plus why an outsource VA can make sense. 

How Can an Outsourced Virtual Assistant Help

In our experience with clients every department within a business can benefit from an outsource VA. Finance and accounting departments all have many administrative tasks that if offloaded from more highly compensated staff will make them more productive. Sales and marketing departments can also greatly benefit. As much as possible businesses want their sellers selling and speaking with clients. The more time sales staff spend on admin tasks, especially during peak work hours, the less time they have to sell and be in front of clients and prospects. HR and Customer support teams, IT departments and Operations teams can all benefit as well. Many have administrative tasks that trainable clerical staff can assume. We have provided outsourcing VA services to many professional service providers like Financial Planners, plus Accounting and Law practices. We have also provided them for Real Estate and Property Management companies, Insurance providers and Healthcare practices.

How to Outsource a Virtual Assistant

There are many options available for virtual assistant services. We would recommend that businesses interested in virtual assistants and outsourced admin staff reach out to a company that offers them as a service and not simply visit a website where individuals can be found. Valenta is one such company. The advantage to working with a company is that in most cases staff will be working in offices and have a layer of management to help with all engagements. Valenta services have these characteristics. We also have managers of staff and experience providing resources to specific industries and for clerical and administrative roles for those sectors. Examples of this include how we provide paraplanners for Financial Planners, billing staff and medical scribes for Healthcare Providers and assistants for property management, leasing, and collections into the Real Estate and Property Management space.  Services typically run month to month and can flexibly ramp up and scale down quickly. They also typically run one third to one half of what in person staff costs.

Why an Outsource VA Can Make Sense

There are so many tasks that an outsourced virtual assistant can fill. They range from standard executive assistant functions like calendar management, travel arrangements, expense processing, note taking and transcription, to specific roles in departments like helping with market research, CRM and ERP data entry, customer, and collections outreach, and much more. Offloading these tasks can be reason enough to justify the outsource to a virtual assistant.  However, our clients in these areas mention having more time to spend with customers and prospects as the biggest reason they contract our outsourced virtual assistant services. Our services can reduce overall staffing expenses and improve profitability and efficiency in a business.  For more details on our outsourced virtual assistant services please visit our website.  If you would like to learn more about how outsourced virtual assistant services can help your business or if it might be a fit for you, please reach out to our local Managing Partners any time.

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