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ERA - Expense Reduction AnalystEmbark on a journey with Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA)

The Challenge

Unlocking Business Potential with Cutting-Edge Data Solutions

CLIENT : ERA - Expense Reduction Analyst

REGION :Operating in 50 countries worldwide

INDUSTRY : Strategic Cost Management Consultancy

ERA - Expense Reduction Analyst - Case Study


Strategic Cost Management Consultancy

Operating in 50 countries worldwide

Key Process
Services : Cost Optimization, Supplier Relationship Management.

The Challenge
Streamlining Manual ETL Processes, Enhancing Data Analysis, Integrating Technologies, Syncing Databases.


  • Optimizing raw data processes for streamlined extraction, collection, transformation, loading, and analysis.
  • AI tool streamlined extraction of invoice details from suppliers' emails.
  • Automated report generation by directly connecting the source database to Power BI.
  • Power BI facilitates easy generation of comprehensive and insightful reports for ERA consultants.
  • Experience ERA's Evolution

    Embark on a journey with Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), a global leader in strategic cost management consultancy, serving both public and private sectors across diverse industries. With a profound understanding of cost optimization and supplier relationship management, ERA delivers unparalleled value through insightful solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. ERA excel in customer intimacy via “Value Through Insight”.

    The Challenge Unveiled

    ERA's prowess lies in its comprehensive data management capabilities, crucial for optimizing expenditures and fostering robust supplier relationships. However, manual processes bogged down consultants, hindering their ability to delve deep into data analysis and uncover pivotal insights. The need of the hour? A transformative solution to automate ETL processes and streamline data extraction and reporting.

    This challenge had two main components:

    • 1. ERA encountered challenges with a lack of fast ETL mechanisms, resulting in consultants spending significant time manually transferring and validating invoice data from PDFs to Excel. This highlighted the need for a more efficient solution.
    • 2. Data Extraction and Reporting Challenges: Analysts at ERA extracted and analyzed validated datasets from databases to generate post-audit reports featuring graphs and tables..

    Revolutionary Approach

    Objective Enter Valenta, partnering with ERA to revolutionize their data ecosystem. Through innovative integration of AI and robotic automation, Valenta crafted a seamless solution that liberated consultants from manual drudgery.
    solution By automating data extraction, transformation, and loading processes, Valenta's solution empowered ERA's analysts to focus on strategic analysis rather than mundane tasks.

    Strategic Implementation

    • 1. Improved Processing Time: The time taken to save the attachment from a supplier mail and extract 100s of invoices has been cut down by 97%. The AI extraction tool has cut down the processing time from days to merely minutes.
    • 2. An AI-powered extraction tool : swiftly ingested invoice details, feeding them into a dynamic SQL database.
    • 3. Complemented by the user-friendly Spotlight : app, SDS’ effortlessly managed exceptions and updates, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.
    • 4. Power BI revolutionized : Furthermore, integration with Microsoft Power BI revolutionized report generation, slashing processing times and enhancing visualization capabilities.

    Business Impact Unleashed

    The results speak volumes. ERA witnessed a staggering 97% reduction in processing time, freeing up resources for value-added activities. With Power BI, data analysis timelines were slashed by 95%, enabling rapid decision-making and empowering clients with actionable insights. Valenta's solution not only streamlined operations but also elevated data quality and reporting standards, driving tangible business outcomes for ERA and its clients.

    A New Era in Data Analytics

    With Valenta's transformative solution, ERA has redefined the paradigm of data analytics and visualization. Empowered by AI-driven efficiency and collaborative partnership, ERA stands poised to navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes, armed with data-driven insights that pave the path to sustained success. Experience the future of data with Valenta—where innovation meets impact, and possibilities abound.

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