Case Study – Cyber Security

Case Study – Cyber Security

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Client Profile

Leading Cyber Security Firm offering products and services to the Federal government.

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Cyber Security
  • Project Duration - Five months

Scope of work

  • Order-to-Cash
  • Purchase to Pay
  • Service Contracts Delivery

Service Offering

  • Digital Transformation - Optimization of the Zoho One Suite (CRM, Books, Creator and Sign) Process Streamlining.

Challenges / Requirements

  • Inadequate utilization of the Zoho One Suite.
  • Excessive manual intervention across workflows.
  • Limited visibility to the order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes.
  • Lack of a reporting dashboard.
  • Lack of a project tracking mechanism for service contracts.

Our Solutions & offerings

Process streamlining of key workflows to remove manual intervention, redundancy in operations to garner efficiency.

Developed a Custom Module for Order Management providing complete visibility from order-to-cash.

Designed an Effective Project Management mechanism enabling real time project tracking and resource allocation.

Development of a Vendor Management module providing visibility to the purchase to pay cycle for products and service contracts.

Developed a custom module for calculation and tracking of commission for all orders and service contracts.

Development of MIS dashboard in Zoho Books to assess key performance metrics.


  • Standardized process flows across key operations.
  • Enhancement of Zoho Modules for adequate information capture, and institution of control.
  • Established clear channels of monitoring the product and service lines of business through the utilization of Zoho modules.
  • Assessment of key metrics by use of the MIS Dashboard.