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Partner with a franchise specialist

Becoming a Franchisor Can Offer Many Advantages

We offer a franchise consulting service that will assist you to build your business into a franchise. With so many pitfalls, we have the business acumen to minimize your business risk and expand your operations at your pace. We partner with other businesses to provide guidance and knowledge that ensures you have the support you need to succeed with expansion into the franchise market.

Franchise Consultant Play an Important Role

Franchise consultants provide a valuable service and play a crucial role in assisting companies that want to become Franchisors.  Franchise consultants like Valenta provide specialized expertise, advice, and support through a franchise assessment as well as the entire franchising process.  

Some of the ways Franchise consultants help companies that want to be Franchisors are highlighted below. 

Franchise Feasibility Assessment – Franchise consultants will help prospective Franchisors conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their business model, operations, and market potential to determine if franchising is a viable option.  Consultants will help assess factors such as profitability, scalability, market demand, plus the competitive landscape to determine the potential of franchising.

Franchise Documentation – Franchise consultants assist in developing the necessary legal and operational framework for a franchise system.  They will guide clients through the process of Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), franchise agreements, operations manuals, and other essential documents that outline the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of both the franchisor and franchisees. 

Business Model Optimization – Franchise consultants will help clients to analyze existing business models and identify areas that need adjustment or optimization to ensure their suitability for franchising.  Consultants will help clients develop a business model that is replicable, scalable, and easily transferable to franchisees. 

Franchise Marketing – Franchise consultants will help clients with the development of franchise marketing strategies and branding guidelines.  They will assist in creating collateral, defining target markets, and establishing effective lead generation and recruitment strategies to attract potential franchisees. 

Franchisee Recruitment – Franchise consultants help establish criteria and processes for recruiting and eventually selecting franchisees.  Consultants will help to develop screening methods, interview processes, and evaluation methodologies.  They will help prospective Franchisors screen for the right financial profiles, personalities, skills, and capabilities. 

Training Development –  Franchise consultants can assist with designing training programs for franchisees.  This will greatly help Franchisors ensure that Franchisees are trained, knowledge and have skills needed to operate their franchises successfully.  

Legal Compliance – Consultants like Valenta can help prospective Franchisors with the legal requirements and regulations associated with franchising.  Franchise consultants can ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and disclosure obligations that protect both the franchisor and franchisees. 

Performance Monitoring –  Consultants like Valenta can help develop and implement performance monitoring systems to track the progress and success of the franchise network.  Franchise consultants can help Franchisors establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide guidance on how to analyze and improve franchisee performance. 

Valenta Has a Local Presence for Franchise Consulting

Valenta has Managing Partners located in cities across the US who have experience with Franchise Consulting.  Valenta can be a trusted advisor and provide expertise and experience to guide companies through the intricacies of franchising.  Our support and experience with Franchising can help companies navigate the franchising process more effectively.  Our services in this area will greatly assist with the build-out of a successful and sustainable franchise network. 

Prequalified Businesses Possess the Following

  • A proven business concept in operation for 2+ years
  • Motivated and passionate business operators who are looking to expand locally and globally

Valenta will build out your franchise model including

  • Legal documentation
  • Marketing activities
  • Prospect pre-qualifications
  • Franchise sales
  • Franchise mentoring

How is this model implemented?

After a detailed review, if our businesses are suited we follow a Joint Venture setup (50% your business and 50% Valenta) with operations handled as follows:

  • You continue operating your existing business and take responsibility of assisting franchisees once on-board.
  • Valenta takes responsibility for promoting the franchise and on-boarding new franchise partners.

Valenta vs Franchise Brokers and Consultants

Valenta Franchise Brokers/Consultants
Stake in the business Yes, full commitment. No
Legal documentation Yes Referred to a lawyer
Franchise model setup Yes Yes, at a cost
Marketing collateral Yes Referred to a marketing agency
Marketing costs Yes To be paid by your business
Franchise mentorship Yes No

Why partner with Valenta?

Proven Success

We started with 10 staff in 2014 and have expanded with 300+ as of 2019


Global Expertise

We operate in 7 countries with detailed knowledge of local markets.


Experienced Operator

We have hands on expertise in franchising across Australia, US, Canada, UK and India.

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