Case Study – School Fundraising

Case Study – School Fundraising

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Client Profile

An organization operating in the non-profit domain raising funds for schools, Childcare centers, and clubs across Australia through the sale of home essential products.

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Non-Profit
  • Duration - Two Months

Scope of work

  • CRM
  • Campaigns

Service Offering

  • Digital Transformation - Optimisation of the Zoho One Suite (CRM and Campaigns).

Challenges / Requirements

  • Need to maximize the use of Zoho CRM.
  • Resolve issues pertaining to Zoho Campaigns to ensure effective Campaign rollout.
  • Ensure adequate flow of customer information from CRM to campaigns.
  • Resolve issues pertaining to lead transfer from the Facebook portal to CRM.

Our Solutions & offerings

Conducted training to showcase the ways in t the CRM module can be effectively utilized to meet business requirements.

Developed automations and enhancement s in the CRM module to increase operating effectiveness.

Effectively integrated Facebook leads wit h the CRM.

Refined Zoho Campaigns to ensure effective campaign rollout and tracking of campaign responses.

Ensured smoot h flow of information bet ween CRM and Campaigns.


  • Maximized the use of the Zoho One suite through the effective integration of CRM & Campaigns.
  • Oriented the workforce to the various features of the Zoho CRM module applicable to the business for increasing efficiency in operations.
  • Ensure effective integration between social media platforms and CRM.
  • Increased campaign effectiveness and enabled periodic monitoring of campaigns.