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There are a lot of great reasons to outsource Salesforce administrators. Outsourcing a CRM administrator can be particularly powerful and compelling for SMBs. It is a powerful option because SMBs can get technical expertise, save the expense of dedicating one of their own employees, and focus on their core business. Salesforce outsourcing and virtual Salesforce administrators used to be only the domain of larger enterprises, however, increasingly small and medium sized businesses are also looking to outsource Salesforce administrators. Have a look at Valenta’s Saleforce Consulting for more details

In this blog, we will take a closer look at what a Salesforce administrator can do for your business and what their core functions are. We will also take a close look at all the different types of expertise that a Salesforce administrator can bring to a business. Lastly, we will take a look at how Salesforce administrators can save a business time and money.

What will a Salesforce Administrator do for your business?

What exactly will a Salesforce administrator do for your business? A Salesforce administrator will be the person who, on a day-to-day basis takes care of your Salesforce and CRM implementation. A Salesforce administrator will maintain the platform as job number 1. They will also make sure that every user within a company is able to use Salesforce and leverage it to its fullest capacity, … no matter what their technical level of expertise is. A Salesforce administrator will also stay updated on the latest Salesforce tools capabilities and updates, and make sure that a platform is up to date and current also. In short, a good Salesforce administrator will also ensure that a business is leveraging Salesforce to its fullest capacity.

Salesforce published an excellent blog entitled, What is a Salesforce Administrator . This blog describes some of the basic functions of what a Salesforce administrator does. The blog also talks about Salesforce administrators as a career path. We have many Salesforce administrators on staff at Valenta, as well as, people who are certified in other areas of Salesforce. Hiring an administrator inhouse and onshore can be an expensive proposition. Converting somebody on your own staff to being a Salesforce administrator also might not always be the best use of their skill set. Both of these reasons are primary causes for Salesforce administrators being increasingly outsourced. The Salesforce administrators that Valenta provides are virtual staff and part of the extended teams of our clients. They interact with company personnel on a day-to-day basis. They ensure that company personnel are getting the most from Salesforce, get all of their questions answered in a timely manner, and are up to speed on Salesforce and all the power and capabilities that it can bring to a business..

What Expertise will a Salesforce Administrator bring to your business?

Besides filling the basic role of being an administrator, another big upside to outsourcing your Salesforce administrator is making sure you have an administrator with the latest expertise and credentials from Salesforce. One important and powerful aspect of Salesforce is the reports and dashboards that it can create. Many people who are not trained in Salesforce struggle to create reports and fully leverage the capabilities that Salesforce brings in this area. Even more challenging is creating compelling dashboards. Having a Salesforce administrator who has Salesforce credentials will ensure that these powerful tools are leveraged by your business. Being able to modify workflows and processes within Salesforce on the fly is another great reason to have a Salesforce administrator. Finally, as your business changes, it might be required to change page layouts, and the naming of different fields. This can easily be accomplished by a trained Salesforce administrator.

When Valenta places a salesforce admin they have also typically worked on CRM projects and are able to take a consultative approach to their role. Because many of our outplaced Salesforce administrators have worked on projects, they have seen consulting projects from beginning to end. They know how to map out “as is” processes and “to be” processes. In addition to consulting and classical business optimization processes these Salesforce administrators will also have seen examples of many customizations, plus integrations and development activities. Our Salesforce admins typically have additional Sales certifications. Some of these certifications include Salesforce Architect, Developer. Marketer, Consultant, and Designer. All of these capabilities and skill sets are useful on virtually all Salesforce platforms. Any good Salesforce Administrator will be fully versed in all aspects of Salesforce. For example, Salesforce administrators and advanced admins which we place are all versed in Salesforce Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Education Cloud, B2B Commerce, B2C Commerce, Customer 360 Platform, Einstein, Pardot, Salesforce Analytics, and more.

How will a Salesforce Administrator save your business time and money?

Leveraging an outsourced Salesforce administrator will without a doubt save a business time and money. Salesforce outsourcing will save time because a business does not have to focus on something that it does not necessarily have skills on. Salesforce outsourcing will save time because it is not required for a business to get skills or get trained up on something that is not core to its business. Because time is money, a business will have cost savings as a consequence of Salesforce outsourcing. A business will also be able to generate cost savings because they will fully leverage the Salesforce platform. They will be able to get all of the capabilities out of their Salesforce platform. All the analytics and data that can help them make insightful and quick decisions about their business will be at their fingertips. A business can also save money when it comes to outsourcing Salesforce administrators because outsourced and offshore administrators will cost less than personnel onshore. Valenta’s monthly rates for offshore virtual staff for Salesforce administration are typically 1/3 of what a salary would be for personnel on shore. When you add to that, the costs in terms of taxes, health insurance, and infrastructure in the form of laptops, desks, etc., … the savings can be monumental. When you combine the fact that it costs less to outsource and offshore a Salesforce administrator with getting somebody who is up to date on the latest and greatest from Salesforce, … it can really be an easy decision to take.

Want to Learn More?

We have covered a lot in this blog concerning virtual offshore Salesforce administrators. We have discussed what their core functions are and what they can bring to a business. We have also touched on how Salesforce administrators can save a business time and money. Would you like to learn more about Salesforce outsourcing or virtual Salesforce administrators? We are here to help if you do. Virtual staff can be a great way to bring expertise to your business you do not currently have, or desire to hire, or train existing personnel for. It is also a very economical way to get needed skill sets and profiles quickly and efficiently into your business.

Valenta is a business consulting and business software integration services provider. We focus on serving small and midsized businesses. We provide the same services large consulting firms offer to the Fortune 1,000. Valenta provides offshore or near shore virtual staff in addition to consulting and software integration services and can provide virtual CRM Administrators for SMB CRM implementations.

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