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Digital Marketing is increasingly important in today’s digital economy. It is also an area where there is a fair amount of noise in the marketplace. Many companies or individuals are available to serve clients around digital marketing. However, many of the companies and individuals in the digital marketing space choose to focus their efforts on one specialty within the digital marketing arena. For example, many choose to specialize in copywriting, blogging, SEO, paid ads like PPC, graphic design and more. This can be an expensive proposition for companies that want a complete digital marketing strategy.

At Valenta USA we take a different approach and offer Full Stack Digital Marketing Services. In the remainder of this blog, we will highlight what companies should receive when engaged with a full service digital marketing agency. At Valenta, we provide all of the digital marketing services and bring a team doing these roles for a few to several hours a week to our clients. Our range of digital services pays dividends for our clients because it is a comprehensive and flexible approach. But enough about us, lets talk more about something we love – Digital Marketing.

The following is a list of some of the roles and responsibilities a Full Service Digital Marketing agency should fulfill for clients.


It all starts with a plan and strategy when it comes to good digital marketing. Any direct marketing agency or full service digital marketing service provider should sit down with a business and assess where it is and help it get to where it wants to be. This involves research and coming up with a plan and strategy. Examining key words your competition is using, how many SEO clicks they receive, how many backlinks they have, if they are doing paid search and if so on what, plus an estimate of any SEM budget that they might have will all be discussion points. A strategist will also assess branding and messaging and suggest plans for copywriting, social media, SEO, and other topics. They will meet with clients regularly to ensure the plan and activities are aligned with the goals of the client. At Valenta our local managing partners and onshore (in country, or in region) marketing directors and strategists fill this role.


The cornerstone of digital marketing is copywriting. Any good full service digital agency will provide quality copywriting. Good copy is critical when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about providing interesting and compelling content that your customers, and potential customers will want to read, watch, or engage with. Once you have the content it is all about making sure people can find it on their own or reaching out to them with it where they are. Copywriting services can be used for web site content, blogs, white papers, brochures, social media post and any number of other things.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to make sure customers and potential customers can find your business online when they search for it. They will search for it by putting keywords into a search engine like Google or Bing. SEO is heavily dependent on the algorithms used by Google and Microsoft to provide search results. Paying attention to key words, page titles, meta descriptions, site structure, internal linking, backlinking, and even site speed all play a role in good SEO results. Some aspects for SEO can get a little technical but the most important thing about good SEO is consistency. A full service digital marketing service provider can help provide both technical expertise and consistent attention to SEO.

SEM / PPC Support

While all SEO results are organic, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is not. If clients wish to engage in paid ads on search engines to boost traffic a full stack digital marketing service provider should be able to assist. PPC campaigns are the activity of bidding on specific key words. Once viewers click on your site from a key word search a fee is paid to Google or any other search provider. Paid links always show up at the top of every page. PPC campaigns are typically set up on a monthly basis and can be effective. Just like with SEO it can get a little technical, but consistency is the main driver for success.

Website Design and Maintenance

Having an attractive, well designed, and easy to navigate website is critical in this digital economy. A website will be the first impression your business makes on customers and prospects – so it needs to be a good one. Websites are not static however and they should be updated with fresh content continually to make viewers aware of the latest activities within your business. There is also a bit of fashion to websites and every business should want their website to look and feel current. There are many tools available to launch websites and host them. It is the maintenance of them and the optimization of them that usually needs the most attention with the clients we assist. The ability to design new websites, optimize existing ones, and maintain consistent activity and updates to a company’s website should all be capabilities a full service digital marketing agency provides.

Graphics Design

Did you know that pictures and graphics improve SEO scores? They do. This is just one reason to make sure you have original graphics and other attractive visual content on your website, in your blogs, in social media posts, in brochures, white papers and more. You also will want excellent graphic design just to look good and make great impressions on your customers and prospects. Graphic design done with the latest tools and trends is another service a full stack digital marketing service provider should offer.

Video Editing

People love to engage with video content on the web. Video content also drives good SEO scores. Well done video can get your message across to viewers, quickly, effectively, and powerfully. In our experience multiple short videos about topics and keywords that are important to a business get the best results. Putting out video content needs to be done on a consistent bases to have reliable results. Off loading this work to a full service digital agency can make a lot of sense.

Social Media Support

One of the main goals of digital marketing is to create inbound leads and inbound traffic to a business web site. Having relevant content, good SEO and websites, is focused on this. Social Media activities is about meeting people where they are, and that can be Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or other sites. Messaging about your business and having a conversation on social media with viewers is especially useful. Driving traffic back to your website from these social media platforms is also extremely useful. Social media campaigns also require consistent effort to yield results. A full stack digital marketing service provider should offer this as well.

Webinars & Podcasts

Many businesses lend themselves to webinars. Some can benefit from podcasts. Webinars and Podcasts can be excellent ways to get your message out and engage with customers. It is also one more thing to message about on the web and on social media. Developing a plan for webinars and podcasts is something that can be discussed with a digital marketing strategist and then executed by others on a full service digital agency team. Webinars and podcasts can be a very compelling aspect of an overall content marketing strategy.

Email Campaigns

One last area we will mention that a full stack digital marketing service provider should be able to help with is email campaigns. In our experience shorter and consistent emails work best in campaigns. Emailing customers and people who have opted in to your mailing list about your latest content, and latest activities is typically the best strategy. We prefer to take a drip email campaign approach when reaching out to new potential clients and more of a consistent messaging and newsletter approach when reaching out to customers. People are inundated with email, but they still read it and campaigns can be an effective way to message and communicate.

Want to Learn More?

Full Stack Digital Marketing can have excellent results for business. It ensures that all the aspects of digital marketing are being addressed and a comprehensive strategy is executed. As mentioned earlier, we provide all of these services and bring a team for these roles for a few to several hours a week for our clients. At Valenta we exclusively service SMB (small and mid-sized business) clients. SMBs can sometimes struggle with digital marketing and do not have large staffs in house to support their efforts. At Valenta we offer managing partners, plus local or regional senior marketing experts, and offshore staff that can economically execute back-office tasks and provide full stack digital marketing services.

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