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Fractional Executive

An opportunity for existing fractional executives to gain access to Valenta’s network and for those with extensive industry experience who want to become Fractional Executives.




Access to Valenta’s Managing Partners, who can help find engagements and place you


1:1 introduction meetings with key Managing Partners
HIM, Invitation


Invitation to Valenta’s quarterly conferences
audits, legal

Case Studies

Invitation to Valenta’s weekly Insight sessions to discuss case studies
Finance and Accounting

Revenue streams

Access to Valenta’s services, to provide additional revenue streams

Lead generation

Access to Valenta’s marketing team, to help you with lead generation


  • Extensive experience in your field
  • Introductions per year from you for Valenta’s services  


  • $1,000 per month with a 6 month minimum commitment

Step Process to Become A Fractional Executive with Valenta

  • Join the program: Start your journey by completing our Registration Form.
  • Review: We will review your application form and once approved, we will begin the process with a call to discuss.
  • Access to enablement & launch: Once onboarded, you will get access to our knowledge base and start your learning journey with us.