How Can Manufacturing Companies Leverage Process Consulting

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How can manufacturing companies can leverage process consulting

Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for ways to stay competitive and be efficient. Manufacturing benefits of process consulting can be dramatic. Large multinational companies in this area have been contacting the big consulting firms to help them optimize for decades. However, companies of all sizes can improve through engagements with a manufacturing process consultant. In this article we will cover manufacturing benefits of process consulting, manufacturing process consulting services, and manufacturing process consulting outsourcing.

Challenges for Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing companies have no shortage of challenges. It seems like this sector of our economy is constantly under stress and needing to adapt. Typically, companies in this sector consistently rise to the occasion.  Perhaps one of the biggest challenge companies face is a shortage of skilled workers. Supply chain disruptions are also frequent headaches and have been exacerbated by the pandemic of 2020 and 2021. Demand forecasting and inventory management has also been critical and have been made increasingly difficult in the current environment.

Additional Challenges for Manufacturing

A constant chore of manufacturing firms  is always improving plant efficiency. Every business is looking to become lean and cut costs and raise margins. Waste minimization is also a priority and can be an obstacle to success.  Environmental consciousness and ESG or Environment, Social and Governance commitments have increasingly become a prominent concern. A final challenge of note is adapting to technological changes and adapting the latest digital processes and software in a business. Manufacturing process consulting services can help with all of these challenges. A manufacturing process consultant can help companies identify what is the area of improvement that can most quickly unlock the greatest potential for improved results.

Manufacturing Benefits of Process Consulting

Manufacturing is a series of processes by nature. Some that are easy to identify include Concept and Development, the Ordering Process, Production Scheduling, actual Manufacturing, and finally Transportation. It is important to have a full understanding of each of these processes. It is important to know what the current workflow is, and what the most optimal ones would be, plus what are the best tools and resources to accomplish them. A manufacturing process consultant can help analyze, document and plan for all of this. Improving manufacturing plant efficiency, waste minimization, and adopting new technology can all benefit from manufacturing process consulting. A manufacturing process consultant can also help define strategies for addressing shortages of skilled workers, supply chain disruptions, demand forecasting, and inventory management.

How Can Manufacturing Companies Leverage Process Consulting


Manufacturing Process Consulting Services

Valenta can provide an impartial and unbiased take on a company’s workflow and challenges. Manufacturing process consulting services like ours will always first seek to document the situation as it is today, then gather facts on how things are supposed to work, determine where there might be bottlenecks and inefficiencies and finally what can be optimized.

Please find the below graphic highlighting our 7 Step Process Management Process. Our webpage of Process Consulting Services also provides additional information on our approach to services in this area.

Manufacturing Process Consulting Outsourcing

At Valenta we serve midsized companies and small businesses exclusively. These are commonly referred to as SMBs or small and medium sized business or SMEs or small and medium sized enterprises. These companies are typically not going to shell out million dollar retainers for process consulting like the large firms demand. We can offer manufacturing process consulting outsourcing for a minimal and affordable fee. Our engagements can be completed in a week or a month in most instances. We will then provide options for additional projects to optimize a business that will be self-funding and always have an ROI. If you would like to speak more about our manufacturing process consulting outsourcing, please reach out to one of our local Managing Partners. They would be happy to help.



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