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Business Success

At Valenta BPO we believe in offering the highest quality of service for businesses and providing the ultimate competitive advantage.

Engage a world-class team of specialists backed by smart technologies to take your business to new heights.



  • Boost revenue streams with our consulting service. Our team of specialists will identify opportunities, and optimize your processes.

Digital Transformation

  • Deploy digital transformation across your enterprise to improve the customer journey, enhance employee morale, improve operational efficiencies, and so much more.

Staff Augmentation

  • With a 60% reduction on staffing costs, and staff that are a true extension of your team; you can focus on revenue generating activities, that count!


  • Invest in your greatest resources - your team. With a variety of master classes and courses available, leverage the knowledge of our industry specialists to develop the skill-set of your team.
  • AI

    The study by Accenture and Frontier Economics estimates that AI has the potential to increase economic growth rates by a weighted average of 1.7 percentage points by 2035 across 16 industries. Moreover, companies that successfully implement AI strategies face the prospect of increasing their profitability by an average of 38% by 2035. Information and communications, manufacturing and financial services are expected to be the top gainers in terms of annual GVA growth rates, with 4.8%, 4.4% and 4.3%, respectively.


  • Professional Development

    Globalization, digitization and now the Covid crisis: the world of work is constantlychanging.That’s why many people in the workforce are investing in professional training, such as languageand IT courses or coaching, in order to remain competitive. According to a recent Statista Global Consumer Survey of 15,661 respondents in countries around the world,Chinese people are particularly likely to invest money in professional training.

    18 percent of respondents from China have taken a paid online course in the past twelve months. 12 percent have taken an individual/private course and 7 percent have consulted a business or life coach. Adults in Spain and Russia are also among those most likely to have invested in professional training.

    In the United States, interest is not quite as high. There, 7 percent of respondents say they have spent money on professional online courses in the past 12 months.5 percent of respondents have taken an individual course and 3 percent have taken part in paid coaching.


What do our client say about us ?

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The Latest News

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    How Can Accounting Practices Leverage Process Consulting

    We spend a lot of time with Accountants and have many clients in this space. We provide them with offshore virtual staff and software bots to perform routine, mundane, and rules based tasks. Increasingly our accounting clients are also engaging us for accounting process consulting services, and we are happy to oblige. The big time...
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  • How Can Supply & Logistics Companies Leverage Process Consulting

    How Can Supply & Logistics Companies Leverage Process Consulting

    Supply and logistics companies are a vital and critical part of the economic landscape. Many companies are affected by supply and logistics. If a company sells a product, it has a supply chain to manage. If a business physically handles a product, it deals in logistics. The number of businesses that meet either one of...
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  • How do Telecommunications Companies Benefit from Process Consulting

    How do Telecommunications Companies Benefit from Process Consulting

    Like many industries, the Telecommunications space can benefit greatly from process consulting. Telecom companies play an important role in today’s economy and allow us to stay connected and communicate. At Valenta we serve midsized companies and small businesses. Telecom behemoths have leveraged consulting, outsourcing and software integration services for years. We provide these same services...
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  • How do Retailers Benefit From Process Consulting

    How do Retailers Benefit From Process Consulting

    Retailers today have a lot to manage. Just like other sectors of the economy they can benefit significantly from process consulting and the streamlining and optimization that accompanies it. In this article we will cover challenges for retailers, what a retailing process consultant does, retail process consulting services, and retailer process consulting outsourcing. Technology Challenges...
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  • Why Should Business Outsource a Virtual Assistant

    Why Should a Business Outsource a Virtual Assistant

    There are many reasons for a business to outsource a virtual assistant. Outsourcing VA roles does not need to be exclusively dedicated to classical admin or executive assistant roles. We find this is where some businesses get stuck on the process to outsource VA services. Many of the virtual assistants we place are not filling...
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Why Valenta?

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96.5% Customer Satisfaction

Our client’s report a 96.5% customer satisfaction rating. We are proud to be customer-centric, offering real world solutions for the businesses of today.

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Grow Your Business

Our number one priority, is to grow your business optimizing business units and work-flows. By combining the best-in-class methods across our services, we deliver ongoing results.

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Technology & Product Agnostic

We have partnered with the worlds best suppliers to bring you an unlimited number of solutions. Eliminate technology silos, and ensure your stack operates fluidly.

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Solution Oriented

We are business efficiencies specialists, and our team will identify opportunities within your business that will increase profit margins.

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Technology Optimisation

Our approach to addressing customer challenges goes beyond meeting requirements. Our knowledge across domains helps us arrive at solutions that are innovative, optimized, and cost effective, helping you achieve improved productivity

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Flexible Engagements

At Valenta BPO we believe in flexibility and working together, with a collaborative approach. We offer packages across all of our services that can be customised to suit your business and financial goals.

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