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Entrepreneurs today have a number of successful franchises to choose from and the deciding factor is often the additional value-added services that the franchisor can help their franchisees with. This goes beyond training and marketing support and includes ways in which the franchisee can improve their productivity, profitability and business growth.

Valenta offers franchisors customised solutions in Process Consulting, Digital Transformation and Outsourcing thereby helping them improve their efficiency and that of their franchisees in several critical areas of operation. As a fellow franchisor with franchisees across the US, UK and Australia, we are uniquely positioned to understand the complexities and bottlenecks that franchisors face.

As such we offer a number of services that are tailored to helping franchisors improve business efficiencies, target new markets, increase productivity and accelerate growth for not only themselves but their franchisees as well.

Process consulting

Valenta provides process consulting services to analyse, optimise and redesign business process of the franchisors and franchisees to improve efficiencies and increase competitiveness.

Our experienced process consultants partner closely to first document and map out the business processes of the franchisor. This is crucial to properly understand the complexities of different process from all stakeholder angles as well as ensuring that even those processes that are ‘generally understood’ or verbally passed down are documented.

Following this our consultants analyse the processes to see how they can be optimised and if any gaps exist. We then provide innovative solutions that increase productivity and effectiveness. In order to minimize disruption, our process consultants first seek to streamline existing processes and only suggest completely redesigning the process if it leads to significant improvements in the overall business.

We look to optimise not only the processes of the franchisor and franchisees themselves but also the processes in which they interact with each other so as to maximise efficiencies across the board.

Digital Transformation

Rapid technological evolution has enabled business to become more productive and improve their customer focus by embracing innovative technologies. Valenta helps Franchisors transform their businesses and that of their franchisees making them more intuitive, agile, transparent and customer centric.

While most digital initiatives target end customers, Valenta’s digital transformation services enhance all aspects of your business be it recruitment, HR, finance, processes, project management, customer relation etc. through integrated and intuitive solutions. Our Zoho CRM and Salesforce CRM solutions are custom designed to effectively work with your processes and that of your franchisees while also seamlessly integrating with existing software.

Our solutions go beyond just building software and delivers a holistic franchise system that improves productivity, enhances customer experience and drives growth.

Outsourced Services

Valenta provides franchisors and their franchisees with a number of outsourced services that enhance productivity and accelerate growth. By outsourcing non-critical tasks, you and your franchisees can focus on core competencies like business growth and customer experience while leaving the rest of the back-office tasks to us. Valenta’s outsourced services include:

Accounting and Bookkeeping services

We understand that you and your franchisees have to multitask between core activities such as business growth, client experience, etc. and managing their accounts. A time-consuming task, managing accounts can be stressful and take focus away from more profitable tasks. Valenta offers dedicated teams of accounting and bookkeeping professionals to ensure your franchisees can manage all aspects of their accounting tasks be it debt, cash, risk and taxes. Our comprehensive solutions are delivered by qualified accountants with vast experience in managing accounts for businesses across verticals.

Virtual CFO Services

Accounting for a growing franchise is not just restricted to financial statements and tax compliance. They need a trusted advisor to help them better plan their investments, cash-flows and finances. However, recruiting a financial expert to do so can be costly and is often unfeasible.

Valenta enables you to offer your franchisees the services of an experienced financial professional at a fraction of the cost with our Virtual CFO services. Our experienced Virtual CFOs provide all the strategic guidance and financial insights needed for your franchisees to improve profitability and grow their business.

Digital Marketing

Given the clutter of the digital space it is no longer effective to merely put out content on social platforms. What business need is an integrated digital strategy that is customised to their business objectives. Valenta provides franchisors and their franchisees results-driven digital marketing services.

Be it lead generation, brand building, local marketing, SEO or search marketing, businesses require a well thought-out digital strategy that enables them to reach out to their customers with their value add on the right platforms. Our digital marketing experts help you identify the best channels and craft compelling content that resonates with your customers, helping them effectively achieve their digital marketing goals.

Paralegal Services

Being a franchisor, there are a number of legal requirements that need to be taken care of on an on-going basis. Most of these are routine and the costs of hiring an experienced lawyer for each of these matters can work out to be quite expensive. Further as the requirement is minor in nature there is the possibility that it gets pushed to the end of the lawyer’s list of priorities.

Lead by experienced in-house lawyers, Valenta’s certified paralegal team help franchisors with numerous legal requirements such as franchisee agreements, renewal contracts, disputes, etc. Quick, cost-effective and accurate our paralegals posses specialised knowledge of franchising and can help with most of the franchisor’s legal requirements.

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ISO certification

We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001 certified for Information Security.

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No lock-in contract

Our contracts are simple with no lock in terms.

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Dedicated team members

We will allocate a dedicated team member and reporting manager to your business. Our reporting managers will oversee quality and service delivery.

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Customised solutions

We work will large corporate to small businesses. We can customise an outsourcing or captive solution to meet your requirements.

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