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Zoho is one of the World’s leading CRM & ERP applications. Zoho CRM is used by over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries making it one of the most sought-after CRM applications Globally. In addition to the CRM Module, Zoho has 45+ Integrated Applications along with Low Code and No Code applications, making it one of the world’s most advanced SaaS based applications. Valenta – Zoho Consulting Partner US specializes in Zoho Consulting and Zoho CRM Implementation services. Our Zoho Consultants have deep Zoho Consulting services expertise across the entire Zoho’s service portfolio and create customized Zoho solutions for clients based on their specific goals and objectives.

Valenta’s Zoho Consultants expertise is unmatched when it comes to the Zoho customization that it offers to organizations of all sizes and across industries. We work with clients from inception to production. This includes developing a Zoho strategy, developing a Zoho design framework, Zoho integration with third party applications, data migration, Zoho CRM Consulting, Zoho development, Zoho implementation, and post implementation support. The Valenta approach and our prior Zoho Consulting services experience help our Zoho clients to make informed and smart business decisions.

Our Zoho Practice is split into the following verticals:

valenta providers zoho consulting

Zoho Consulting

Many organizations wish to go with a technology first approach, however, finding the right product and building that perfect solution requires expertise and domain know-how which Valenta possesses. As a Zoho CRM Partner Valenta’s Zoho Consulting Practice is not a standalone practice. It is supported by professionals from Automation, AI, IoT, Process Consulting and seasoned Zoho Consultants and Zoho CRM specialists who come together to create customized Zoho solutions that are built to last.

valenta provides customized zoho consulting

Zoho Customization

Every product or application in the market requires customization. Without customization, a vendor’s software is just plain vanilla solution that cannot meet a business or organizations specific requirements. No software solution has been built to be 100% plug and play without customization, despite some vendors assertions. Valenta’s team of experienced Zoho Consultants thoroughly understand the Zoho complexities involved in customization and this varies based on industry and domain. Our approach, Zoho Consulting process and our Zoho customization considers all the complex Zoho factors a business must consider including scalability.

zoho integration done easily

Zoho Integration

Integration of various business and software tools play a vital role in every organization today. Every forward-thinking organization believes in providing transparency and openness and seeks to provide clients and employees with a single unified platform or dashboard where they can view their business performance in one location. Most organizations work on multiple applications for different business functions and often frequently even have standalone Automation, AI and Business Intelligence Tools. Integrating all these different applications becomes very important, not just for Management but also for Functional Heads. Valenta is a Zoho authorized partner in USA and our Zoho Integration Consultants can integrate all Zoho Integrated Apps plus any other Third-Party applications with core Zoho Platform Products.

end to end zoho development

Zoho Development

Valenta’s Zoho CRM Consultants and development team consists of seasoned Zoho Consultants and Zoho Expert who have worked on hundreds of complex Zoho projects over the years. This Zoho experience allows Valenta to go above and beyond and create Zoho solutions that allows Organizations to scale. Our team of Zoho CRM Certified Consultants and Developers work closely with Valenta’s Design Team, Process Consultants, Domain Experts, Automation and AI Team and are therefore able to add great value to each Zoho project they work on.

zoho implementation and maintanence

Zoho Implementation & Maintenance

The proof is in the pudding and lays with the Valenta implementation team. Valenta’s Zoho CRM Expert Consultants have implemented hundreds of Zoho CRM projects and understand how important this final phase is. Even the most documented Processes and Solution Designs, User Acceptance Testing to Go-Live can provide unforeseen challenges. Given Valenta’s Global Pool of Talent, Internal Capability, Industry and Domain expertise, the Valenta’s Zoho CRM implementation Consultants can handle any complex implementation as well as on-going Zoho maintenance.

Some of our Zoho Consulting and Development Work

cyber security project

Cyber Security

  • Custom Module for Order Management providing complete visibility from order to cash
  • Effective Zoho Project Management enabling real time project tracking and resource allocation
  • Vendor Management providing visibility to the purchase to pay cycle
  • Custom Commissions Module for calculation and tracking of commission for all orders and service contracts
  • Zoho Books Configuration - Development of MIS dashboard to assess key performance metrics

Manufacturing ( Animal Feed Manufacturer and Distributor )

  • Zoho Creator Configuration of a Territory Planning Model to enable effective planning and tracking of Customer Interactions with the Sales Team
  • Zoho Integration of Territory Planning Model with Zoho CRM
  • Establishment of the Contract Signing workflow
  • API Integration of the Zoho platform with the in-house Inventory Management / Finance ERP
  • Zoho CRM Dashboard configuration - redesign of the MIS to provide real time visibility to key metrics

Electrical Heating and Related Supplies

  • Custom Quoting Module in Zoho Creator that makes provisions for backend calculations through automation
  • Data Migration from Xero Inventory to Zoho Inventory
  • Zoho API Integration with Carrier Service Provider
  • Enhancement of Zoho CRM to capture customer information through the lifecycle
  • Establishment of an Order Management System for complete visibility of the order to cash cycle
  • Implementation of Zoho Surveys to gather customer feedback
  • Refinement of Zoho Campaigns to establish a wider reach

Art Supplies and Interiors

  • Establishment of an Order Management System for complete visibility of the order to cash cycle
  • Custom Configuration of Quotes Module to cater to specific client
  • Creation of Commissions Module in Zoho CRM to enable calculation, tracking and payout of commissions
  • Development of Custom Bonus Module in Zoho CRM to enable calculation, tracking and payout of bonus payments
  • Custom Rebate Module to enable calculation and payout of rebates to key partners
  • Zoho Dashboard configuration in Zoho Books
  • Enhancement of Zoho CRM module to capture customer information through the sales cycle

Have you considered getting a BOT to perform activities on Zoho CRM?

Watch a BOT receive an email, login to DocuSign, download a document and attached it to a record in Zoho CRM

Our Zoho CRM expertise covers the following

Sales – Zoho CRM, Desk, Zoho Forms, Zoho SalesIQ, Contact Manager, Sales Inbox,
Bookings, Bigin.


Marketing – Zoho Social, Zoho Campaigns, Forms, Zoho Survey, Sites, Zoho Page Sense, Commerce, Zoho Marketing Automation, Zoho Meeting, Backstage.

Customer Support – Desk, Zoho Assist, Lens, Zoho ServiceDesk Plus.

Zoho Finance – Zoho Books, Invoice, Expense, Inventory, Subscriptions, Checkout, Payroll.

HR – Zoho People, Recruit, Expense, Workerly, Payroll, ShowTime, BackToWork, Shifts


Legal – Contracts.


Email & Collaboration – Zoho Mail, Meeting, Writer, Sheet, Show, Notebook, Zoho Voice, Calendar, Learn, Sign, Bookings, Cliq, Connect, Zoho Office Suite, Office Integrator.

Zoho IT Management – Creator, Flow, Vault, Desktop Central, Remote Access Plus, Zoho Domain Toolkit, Assist, Identity Management, Patch Manager Plus, Mobile Device Management.


BI & Analytics – Zoho Analytics, Embedded BI, DataPrep.


Zoho Project Management – Project, Sprints.


Zoho One.

Valenta’s Zoho One Consultants are supported by a team of Domain experts across Supply Chain, Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, IT Operations and much more. This Zoho domain knowledge allows them to seamlessly address Zoho complex business process challenges.

Having implemented several customized Zoho Services and Solutions across Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Education, and several other sectors, Valenta’s Zoho Consultants are very well positioned to assist clients with their Zoho Consulting, Zoho Implementation and On-Going Zoho Staffing requirements.

How we add Zoho value?

Our Zoho Consultants deliver significant value to our clients by reducing the cost of operations, helping them attain world class cost structures, and implementing effective controls. We have standardized our Zoho process with a high degree of Automation and AI.

We have a comprehensive and integrated Zoho Consulting Services capabilities. We augment our capabilities by continuously investing in building AI and ML expertise through:

  • Continuous investment in Zoho Automation and AI Technologies
  • Creating Standard Operating Zoho Procedures for each of our clients
  • Providing clients with a Real Time Zoho Visibility Platform
  • A Dedicated Zoho Training Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertise

Valenta Zoho Pricing Packages:

Zoho Consulting Starting

Zoho Developer

(1-2 years of Experience)

Zoho Developer

(3-4 years of Experience)

Zoho Developer

(5+ years of Experience)

Zoho Administrator

(1-2 years of Experience)

Zoho Administrator

(3-4 years of Experience)

Zoho Administrator

(5+ years of Experience)

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