Case Study – Manufacturing

Case Study – Manufacturing

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Client Profile

Leading animal feed manufacturer and distributor in Newzealand.

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Animal Feed Manufacturing
  • Project Duration - Year long Multiple Phases

Scope of work

  • Sales and Operations
  • Finance and Inventory

Service Offering

  • Digital Transformation by enhancement of the Zoho One Suite - Design and Implementation.
  • Development of MIS Framework.

Challenges / Requirements

  • Effective integration of finance and inventory systems with the CRM.
  • Lack of a formal mechanism to track Sales personnel interaction with Customers and their time spent on business development.
  • Lack of a system to track the Contract Status with Customers.
  • Need for more accurate reporting across different levels of management.

Our Solutions & offerings

Defined the nature of information transfer between the two systems and ensured effective integration of two systems.

Designed the territory planning model that would track monitor customer interactions of the sales personnel.

Integrated the territory planning model with the CRM module to ensure timely and accurate representation of the customer life cycle.

Built customized dashboards for the Sales Representatives and Managers to track customer visits and action items.

Digitized the signing of the supply agreement contracts between the Client and the customers.

Developed a dashboard to provide visibility to the sales regarding many aspects such as sales, revenue, and customer interactions.


  • Monitoring Mechanism to track Sales Representative Activity.
  • Adherence to HIPPAand GDPR.
  • Ensures equitable workload distribution.
  • Minimize redundancy in data entry across systems.
  • Effective management of Contracts.
  • Customized MIS leading to better data analysis and effective decision making.
  • Gain visibility to customer information and status leading to timely and relevant customer interaction.