Case Study – Financial Services

Case Study – Financial Services

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Client Profile

An organization operating in the Financial services domain in the US, providing wealth management.

Key Highlights

  • Industry : Wealth Management
  • Project Duration :
    Phase I- Four months
    Phase II - Ongoing

Scope of work

  • Adoption of Zoho One Suite
  • Integration of CRM Vertical , Projects, Forms, Survey and Analytics.

Service Offering

  • Zoho One Suite - Adoption and enhancement Creation of White Labeled Products for Financial Advisors to use.

Challenges / Requirements

  • Develop a white labeled product integrating various modules of Zoho so that wealth managers and financial advisors can adopt to grow their own business.
  • Utilise the Client’s current operational model to develop the white labeled application.
  • Customise Zoho CRM vertical to meet the business requirements of wealth managers.
  • Define various subscriptions for the white labeled product.

Our Solutions & offerings

Conducted a process walkthrough to gain an understanding of Client's current operations.

Developed an application integrating various modules in Zoho One suite that would serve as an integrated operating framework for similar businesses.

Customized the various modules within Zoho One and configured automation and enhancement s to increase efficiency for the users.

Integrated third party applications such as Red Tail CRM to ensure effective campaign rollout and response management.

Developed forms using Zoho Forms to obtain customer information such as risk tolerance. Integrated Forms with CRM to record customer responses.

Created a series of reports using CRM and Analytics that would provide visibility to customer information to the users.


  • Creation of a white labelled product that can generate additional revenue for the Client.
  • Customised operating framework that meets the needs of financial advisors.
  • Presence of report formats and templates that provide adequate visibility to its users.
  • Smooth flow of information from third party applications.
  • Usage of the product by the Client providing visibility to inherent gaps in the product thereby enabling continuous evolution and refinement of the Finstak Application.